Match the Avatar!

Every person joining the lab has to pick an avatar which is used in all the lab's communications channels to represent that person. The rules of avatars, passed from the generation to generation in the lab, specify that a biociphers avatar can only be a "human like character". This means no trees, stones, cute animals etc. yet Kung Fu Panda is legit (though clearly a bear). Also, the avatar can not be a real person (e.g. Gandhi) but can be a real person playing fictional character (e.g. Sherlock Holmes). People spend long days contemplating who their Avatar should be to capture their true spirit (also as they are stuck with it for possibly many years)
Match every person with their avatar using minimal trials.
How to play:
Click on a person and then the suspected matching avatar. If it’s a match the score grows +1 and the pair will display with info about the person. If it’s a mismatch, the score drops -1. For a hint, select a person and click the button to get only 2 highlighted Avatars to chose from
Score: 0 Hints: 0