Command Builder

Even with our documentation, it may be tedious to construct the applicable commands and config file required to run majiq and voila manually. In order to help you get started with some basic use cases, we provide this quick-to-use interactive tool to help you create the appropriate sequence of commands for your use case.



% of experiments
*Note: The default is set to be relatively conservative, specifically over 1/2 of the samples in a group should have it as quantifiable. Consider changing it if you want to capture more LSV, for example when coverage is low or when you expect only a subset of the samples to contain the LSV (e.g. disease subtype). However, keep in mind that lowering that threshold may also introduce more "noise" (e.g. irrelevant junctions/LSVs) into your downstream analysis.
Error: group names should only contain alphanumeric and underscore ("_") characters. You may consider using the following type of algorithm to automatically clean your group names if needed. (Python3)
                                      import re
                                      def clean_group_name(x):
                                        x = re.sub(r"[()`\[\]{}\"'<>]", "", x)
                                        x = re.sub(r"[^0-9a-zA-Z]+", "_", x)
                                        return x
                                      clean_group_name("«insert your name here»")